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Curly Girls Can Totally Rock This Hair Trend

Max Gierl offers tips on how to use products for the best curly looks.

Salon Etiquette: The Dos and Don’ts of Texting Your Hairstylist

Ray Symons offers the proper etiquette of when to text with your hairstylist.

Contemplating the Men's Market with Vaughn Acord

V76 founder Vaughn Acord talks to Salon Today magazine about men's salon habits.

Shampoo commercial hair: Stylists share secrets from the set

Mizu stylist Miguel Angarita shares secrets on how to get commercial quality hair.

Holy mullet! Could this '80s hairstyle really make a comeback?

Find out if mullets are making a comeback!

10 Easy Greasy Hair Hacks That Will Help You Manage That Oil

Get tips from top NY stylists on how to keep your hair cleaner longer without washing.

How to Actually Pull Off That Hair-tucked-Into-The-Sweater-Look

Mizu's Steven DeCarlo explains how to create the perfect "hair-tuck"

The Hottest Hair Trends this Fall

Read what Mizu NY's Senior Colorist Miguel Angarita say that is a must-have for this Falls Hair Trends

Get the Look: Chrissy Teigen's "Frozen" Braid

A braid favored by a Sports Illustrated model and Elsa from Frozen? Count us in. Dominick Pucciarello, hair stylist at NYC's Mizu salon, shared with us the exact steps he used to create Chrissy Teigen's stunning side weave. The plaited pony was so pretty and reminiscent of a certain Disney princess that Teigen posted a pic of her 'do to Instagram, with the caption, "took me a while to understand why everyone was calling me elsa. love this look! [sic]" Don't worry, Chrissy. We got the Elsa resemblance right off the bat! See Pucciarello's process, here.

Lucky Magazine: Three Foolproof Ways to Get Effortless Waves

Damian Santiago shares stylists secrets on getting the effortless beach wave with Lucky Magazine.


Learning From Jennifer Lawrence: Grow Out Your Hair Without the Awkward Stage

The short, wavy bob, which she showed off in New York City this week to rave reviews, is a grown-out version of the super-short hairstyle she debuted back in November. Naturally, Lawrence makes the awkward reality of growing out a short haircut look easy. But how do noncelebrities weather the in-between stage without Hollywood's best hairstylists on speed dial? Here's what to keep in mind.

SOURCE: Yahoo Shine

3 Perfectly Effortless Styles for Medium Length Hair

SOURCE: Beauty Blitz

5 Model-Approved Hairstylists Share Their Spring Hair Essentials!

Check out what Modelinia Blog has to say about the stylist Dominick Pucciarello of mizu Salon, considered one of 5 model-approved hairstylists.

SOURCE: modelinia blog

Tricks to Hide Your Roots Before You Make it to the Salon

"There are many ways to help hide roots in a pinch like mascara, powder foundation, eyebrow pencil, and eyeliner – all you need to do is pick a color closest to your existing color. “More professional products are a available – my two favorites are Roux Tween Time or the Bumble and bumble Colored Dry Shampoo. Wax based products are the best because they are longer lasting and don’t come off unless they are shampooed out,” says Senior Colorist at mizu new york, Miguel Angarita. Just be careful because some of the powders and makeup might run down your face after you workout or on a rainy day."

SOURCE: Beauty High

The 8 Essential Hairbrushes: What They Do, Why You Need Them

See what Damian Santiago, co-owner of mizu new york, has to say.

SOURCE: Yahoo Shine

Katie Holmes Cuts Killer Bangs, but Should You Follow in Her Follicle Footsteps?

"Dominick Pucciarello, a master stylist at Mizu Salon in New York City, tells Yahoo Shine that the addition of a fringe to a fine head of hair can act as an illusion, making it appear thicker and fuller than it really is. For people with the opposite kind of hair (super thick) he usually urges against the look because it can give off a "wiggish" appearance."

SOURCE: Yahoo Shine

7 Quick Fixes for Post Workout Makeup and Hair

“I always rough dry to get the sweat out, then mist a dry shampoo at the roots and re-style the front, or throw it up into a braided bun. Also, for people with a fringe, you could always just wash the bangs and re-blow dry for a refreshed style,” says Judy McGuiness, stylist at Mizu New York Salon."

SOURCE: Beauty High

335 Hours a Year Primping? Here's How to Speed Up Your Morning Ritual

“Lots of women aren’t pre-drying their hair — waiting until it’s half dry before blowing it,” Mizu New York stylist Judy McGuinness tells Yahoo Shine. Save time by letting your air dry while you do your makeup, then use an ionic blow dryer to finish the job. Also helpful, she notes: using products like Oribe Royal Blowout or Living Proof Satin Hair Serum, which cut drying time in half. As for washing, do it only every two or three days, especially if you have color-treated hair that’s prone to drying out. On the off days, McGuinness suggests, use a dry shampoo — and, if you have bangs, give just those a quick wash in the sink. No one will be the wiser."

SOURCE: Yahoo Shine

Why the Wob Is 2014's Coolest Haircut

"But if you aren't ready to commit to the wob, well, start with the bob. "Bobs are really suitable for any face shape and all sorts of hair textures," Damian Santiago, says stylist and co-owner of Mizu New York salon. "That’s why I call it the eternal bob. They will always be in style because they work for everyone."

SOURCE: Yahoo Shine

Perms Are Back. Here's How to Get One That Doesn't Look Like It Belongs in the '80s

"If you've been wanting that wavy, effortless, off-duty-model type of hair that's been everywhere these days, you're in luck. The solution? A perm. Frightened? We asked Damian Santiago, co-owner of Mizu New York Salon and perm expert, to clarify."

SOURCE: Lipstick from Glamour Magazine